Race to Mars

Dear Race to Mars fans,

Due to many e-mails we’re receiving from you regarding current status of the project, we wanted to address these questions and tell you about decisions we’ve made concerning the future of Race to Mars and the reasons behind them. 

First of all, please know that your concern and bitterness in face of the absence of new information about the development of Race to Mars about the state of the project are well understood. Position you’ve found yourself in is one that we truly sympathize with--not only as developers, but most importantly, as players. Please, accept our sincerest apologies for this state of affairs. Due to unforeseen circumstances and outside elements we had to put on hold any communication concerning this project. We did not want to make promises that we might’ve not been able to keep until we were absolutely sure that the work would be resumed.

Before we expand on the matter, let us answer the most dire question - yes, the full version of the game will come out and everyone who bought Race to Mars in early access will receive their copy without any additional cost. However, since the final version of the game will be a project that is going to be developed from scratch, we’ve decided to stop the sale of early access version. 

Sadly, the version of Race to Mars that we took over from an outside developer did not meet our company’s standards. That is why we were forced to make a tough, but ultimately right call to reset the project. It was the only solution that would allow Race to Mars to come out in a way, form and quality we all - us, the developer, and you, the players who supported the project - wanted and expected. 

The version of Race to Mars, which will be developed by a new team will not have early access. What you will receive will be a fully realized and complete product. 

Due to project reset, the game will be released in 2019.

We would like to apologize once more for any inconvenience you might have suffered. We promise to do everything in our power to make sure that this long journey to Mars will end for you with being happy with the game and us with a satisfaction of a job well done!

One More Level Team